Our Approach

Our in-depth knowledge and experience of South African and global political processes and media is thanks to our principals and associates who have broad experience and proven record in the government, business, media, academia and civil society sectors.

Our capacity enables us to offer our clients the attention they deserve while being able to tackle any challenge presented. In assisting our clients we utilize a broad range of techniques to capture the hearts and minds of the general public, policy makers and always aim to influence political developments in all spheres of government.

Public Policy Advisory

Former policy makers, public servants, academics and professionals drawn from a range of different disciplines – including economics, governance, rural development, local government, accounting and law – make up our public policy advisory division.

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Social Facilitation

We have extensive experience in designing and facilitating collaborative processes which consider all parties involved and are therefore able to assist our clients in crafting strategies which all concerned stakeholders have actively contributed to.

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Research Policy Briefs

One of the most important aspects of socio-political and economic reconstruction is the ability and willingness of communities to dialogue in the pursuit of finding meaningful and lasting solutions to existing problems.

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