Political Communication

Our Approach

We specialize in government political communication. With more than a decade in the field and our understanding of South African media, polity and audiences, we provide a range of expert services; including strategic political counsel, intelligence gathering, political communications, PR, media and crisis communications, monitoring, reputation management, targeted media profiling activity, building and sustaining individual and corporate profiles.

Our size enables us to give clients the attention they deserve while being able to tackle any challenge presented. In assisting our clients, we utilise a broad range of techniques to capture the hearts and minds of the general public and key stakeholders. We uncompromisingly manage all clients’ requests confidentially and our interventions are always tailor-made to address client’s needs – Keep research-based, creative and strategy-driven.

Government Political Communication

As political communication specialists, we provide a wide range of peerless, expert services.

Political Advisory

At Ingabadi Media we believe that politics and politicians can make a difference in our everyday lives.

Party Political Communication

We are able to manage the reputation of political role-players, and improve their relationship with the public.


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